November 2017

A quick guide to buying your first pet

Finally, you have made up your mind to get your first pet as a dog. With the right training, planning, love and affection, your pet dog will be your companion for years to come. But since you are a first time buyer, you might be confused. Here is a quick guide making it easier for you to get hold of your first pet dog.

Being a pet owner is a big responsibility

You have to understand that having a pet is a very big responsibility and commitment as well. Apart from the vaccinations, medical visits, and training, there is a day-to-day care that you have to provide the animal. Moreover, it is definitely an affair of a huge finance. Dogs will no doubt bring a huge difference in your life. But you have to make sure that you are providing the best of living conditions of your friend, because after the entire dog is a family member now.

Proper training

A good relationship between you and your canine friends depends on the proper training provided at the very beginning. Since you are the pet owner, you have to take the initiate to train the four-legged pet the way you want him/her to behave. Since it is the first time you are buying a pet, things will not be easy and simple. You will be confused with a host of elements that you need to take care, and this is absolutely natural. If required, enrol yourself in pet owner training classes or hire someone expert to train your pet.

The living space provided must be comfortable

It is very natural that when you bring your pet to the new house, he/she will explore every nooks and corners of the property. Hence, it is advisable that before you bring your canine friend to your home, make some necessary change and make it more dog friendly, so that he/she can feel comfortable and at home.

The garden or lawn area can be quite dangerous for the over inquisitive dogs. So you have to make sure that things are kept intact and the safety measures are well followed to avoid any kind of unwanted accidents or events. For instance, make sure that the garden area has fences so that the dog cannot go out of your premise.

Socializing with other people

It is absolutely unfair to invite guests at your place the very next day you bring your pet and you expect the dog to be friendly and socialize. You have to understand that adjusting to a new place will take some time. Train your dog adequately and when you are satisfied with the behaviour of your dog, you can ask friends and family to pay a visit to the new member of the family.

Meeting other dogs

Don’t be hasty while introducing your canine friend to other dogs. Your dog must be vaccinated before meeting other dogs. An open area like a park or garden is the best place for socializing. In case, the meeting is negative, don’t force things on your dog and try again another day. Look out for the time when your dog is calm and relaxed.

These are some of the aspects that you must be aware of while buying your first pet dog. In case, you have plans to look in equine jobs from Vet Times, you can do so because there is a host of information available.