September 2017

Top 7 Tips On Decorating Your Home For You And Your Family

Christmas is just around the corner and you would like to decorate your home in the best possible way. People always look forward to decorating there rooms in the festive seasons and celebrate at home with their friends and families. Here are top 7 tips, provided by Arran Construction, on how to decorate your home for you and your family.

1# Beautify the floor with a traditional carpet

Did you know that a traditional and good-looking carpet could actually accentuate your room in the best possible way? A carpet is an important element for home décor and a good-looking carpet can actually accentuate your room if it matches with your furniture well. Make sure that the carpet is in contrast with the furniture so that it looks good. You can also try experimenting with various kinds of colors and shades. Turkish carpets are the best for home decor.

2# Fit a trendy looking wall clock

Walls clocks are definitely a must have for your living rooms and your bedrooms. Do not stick to the conventional clock shapes for your room. Try out contemporary and modern designs like abstract designs and colors. Always try and complement the color of the clock to the color of your walls. There are a number of trendy clocks, which can be purchased online as well. If you are of the old fashioned type, you can try out old grandfather clocks that are an antique piece.

3# Lighting ideas

Whether you believe it or not, lights can create a great sense of beauty. If you would like to save money and go the eco friendly way, then you can try out LED bulbs that help save money and electricity as well. Nowadays LED bulbs are available in various colors. They do not produce any heat and can also add to the décor of your rooms. Whilst you’re adding to your lighting, you don’t want to use too much electricity, so make sure to have a electricity sub meter by JSG Solutions so you don’t spend too much!

4# Furniture ideas

Choose from a wide range of contemporary furniture that is available in online stores. You can try vintage styled furniture from shabby chic furniture. Choose from a wide assortment of bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and home decor accessories including lights, pillows and cushion covers, vintage dining room and bedroom sets, chairs, sofa sets and more from shabby chic furniture.


5# Bold wall and cushion colors

Add colors to your walls with a range of different and exotic colors that can be painted in your walls. You can also adorn your living room and bedroom with bold colored cushion covers and pillow covers that can brighten up your living space. Bold colored cushions add to a subtle colored room in the best way.

6# Wall racks and photographs

Wall racks and photographs can be a great embellishment on your walls. It can make an empty and dull room look really bright and colorful with all the added accessories like small wooden dolls, flower vases, candle stands and photo frames.

7# Shoe racks

Nowadays the concept of a big home is nearly vanishing and people are opting for apartments that are easy to maintain and good to decorate as well. Shoe racks are one of the best ways to keep your home clean and organized. It can also accommodate numerous pairs of shoes at a time so that the entrance does not look messy and dirty.

These are seven ways in which you can decorate your home in a simple and minimalistic manner.