Greenhouses – Why Polycarbonate is Better Than Glass

Many greenhouse owners believe that the glass is the ultimate choice, and that nothing can beat it when it comes to greenhouses, but they are wrong. A new wave of greenhouses has already began in Europe, and it consists of polycarbonate greenhouses, rather than the ones made of glass. This seems to be the better choice, as we are going to see here.

Many people have seen that having a covered garden has its perks, and that by covering it up, you can grow your vegetables all year round, without worrying about the weather or the pests that have a tendency of ruining our plants. Almost everyone knows that, but what they don’t know is the fact that the polycarbonate greenhouses are much easier to maintain than the glass ones. And due to the fact that they’re more thermally resistive, means they can get away with a small ac unit, rather than a full-blown one, and are really easy to assemble, you can have it up and running in just one day!

Some people have heard about the polycarbonate in the past, but back then, it had many flaws, and really wasn’t the best choice for a greenhouse material. Now you can easily get cut-to size plastic from a supplier similiar to Cut My Plastic That has probably put some people off of using it now, but they need to understand that the today’s polycarbonate is not the same as the one from before, and because of the new coatings, it is in face far superior to glass. In fact, polycarbonate is so strong, that the people selling it usually allow the customers to take a hammer and try to break it. Of course, it cannot be done. This means that the polycarbonate is much stronger, and with that, it is much safer as well, which means a lot to those who have small children always running around.

Of course, the greenhouse owners know that the glass is great at retaining the heat, and in fact, the glass retains heat much better than the 3mm thick polycarbonate that some people use for their glasshouses. However, that is why the people in Europe use the thicker 4mm polycarbonate. It retains heat almost one and a half times better than glass, and it lowers the electricity bill as well, which cannot hurt.

Some people argue that the glass is better because it is much cheaper than polycarbonate. One sheet of glass for greenhouses costs around £15, while the same one made of polycarbonate costs about £24. However, you can’t look at things that way, because the polycarbonate lasts longer than glass. You won’t have to replace it again and again, and this makes it well worth the money.

Now, the light is a big deal in greenhouses, and you need as much of it to go through it and reach the plants. In that regard, glass is superior than polycarbonate, however, it is not the amount of light that counts, it is where it reaches that’s important. Light getting through polycarbonate is much more diffuse, which basically means that it gets into areas that the light getting through glass just cannot.

And finally, perhaps the best feature of polycarbonate is the fact that it filters the harmful UV rays, which means that you can work in your greenhouse all day long, without ever worrying of getting sunburnt.